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Welcome to"Things that make you go Hmmmm!".

This site is dedicated to things that make you go hmmmm. We all encounter these things in our life and if we are lucky enough, we encounter them often. Things that make you go hmmmm, are the things/people we come into contact with that make us stop and think, perhaps to make a major re-assessment of some part of our thinking or belief system.

We hope to show you plenty of things that will make you go hmmm in a big way.

Our interests are diverse but we are passionate about 3 things, Special children, Astrology and the Titanic. Over the next little while we plan to post articles and provide links to other sites on the net.Take your time, put your feet up and stay for a while. Please come back and visit and see what we have found.

All articles on this site are subject to copyright and may not be copied or used without permission of the author.